A business imperative

Pay equity is a legacy issue for most companies, but it’s now impossible for employers to ignore – especially with the risk of litigation and damage to your company’s reputation. The impact is huge and for many leading employers pay equity has become a strategic business imperative and a regulatory compliance requirement.

Yet many are unaware pay gaps exist within their organization or are unclear about what equal pay really means. Equal pay is about the difference in what employers pay their staff. It’s about making sure pay is not determined by gender, race or other categories protected by law. Ultimately, it’s about making sure all employees have the opportunity to earn the same pay.

CURO Pay Equity is specialist software that analyzes pay equity across various categories to identify gaps and reveal where these are due to non-monetary factors. Supporting a pro-active Pay Equity Audit you can view analysis at a country, market level or job level and understand key areas of risk and track remedial actions.

Designed as a self-service solution it puts you in control so you can update data as often as you choose and immediately access fresh insights. With this data, you can effectively justify and target remedial spend. The result? An equal and inclusive workplace for all.

The time for talk is over. With CURO, you can prove your commitment to fair pay.

Discover how CURO Pay Equity Analysis software can help you achieve fair pay.

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What some of our clients say about CURO Pay Equity software

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CURO made pay equity analysis easy – no matter what type of analysis we were performing, or key reporting metrics we were looking at.

Camille Adamson
Total Rewards, Compensation Manager

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