Curo for Finance Directors

Your reward budgets, effectively distributed.

Curo compensation management software isn’t just useful for HR – it also benefits finance teams by offering visibility into the reward process and absolute control of the budget. Have direct involvement to view and control where money is being spent, prevent budget over-runs and ensure your compensation investment is aligned to reflect your reward strategy, meet compliance requirements and drive the highest return on investment for your business.

Crunching the numbers on reward budgets and allocations is of huge value to companies of all sizes. Use a wide range of analytics tools within Curo to track progress against strategic reward goals, alignment to reward policies and ensure fairness and transparency. Offering finance managers and directors a direct involvement into the compensation review process ensures responsible and controlled spending, no surprises and buy-in from the outset.

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Key Features


Ensure your compensation spend is aligned to your reward principals to drive fairness, equity and transparency, as well as legal and regulatory compliance. System alerts and hard/soft rules can mandate budgetary compliance and our in-built workflow controlled approval hierarchy ensures adherence to a structured and audited sign-off process.


Our decision support tools empower decision makers with real-time actionable insight to align compensation spend with business goals and objectives. We provide powerful benchmarking information to ensure external competitiveness and internal equity.


Our user intuitive platform provides mangers and decision makers with access to all the critical information required to make informed pay decisions that ensure you reward performance and retain key employees.


Compensation data usually sits on spreadsheets and across multiple systems making it difficult and time consuming to consolidate and review in a coherent way. Curo software brings all employee and budget data into a single data repository making it simple, fast and easy for users of all levels to access, use and interpret the core data.

Finance Benefits

  • Access to the system to create your own dashboards and reports specific to the finance department
  • Elimination of manual errors, resulting in more accurate compensation reports
  • All compensation data and budget information stored in a single software solution in a simple and easily accessible format
  • Absolute control over compensation budgets and reward allocations, – driven off configurable rule sets
  • Use leading analytics features to measure and track reward spend against business performance and goals