Our self-service Gender Pay Gap software solution helps support companies who need to comply with the Gender Pay Gap Information Regulations and wish to understand the issues driving their pay gap.

  • Easily import metrics using our data template
  • Receive actionable insights and analysis
  • Export personalized reports and visualization
  • Track the progression of your Gender Pay Gap metrics

How CURO Gender Pay Gap Software Works

Our self service gender pay gap technology helps support companies who need to comply with Gender Pay Gap Reporting in the UK and wish to understand the issues driving their gender pay gap. Calculate your organization’s statutory figures, produce professional reports and analytics with your own branding, and run comparisons to better understand your workforce gender pay gap challenges

Tell us about your organization

When registering we’ll ask you for a few simple details and from there CURO Gender Pay Gap software will be able to guide you through Gender Pay Gap reporting as it applies to your organization and the sector within which you operate. We’ll remind you of important dates throughout the year, and ensure you are kept up to date and compliant with any legislative changes.

Be guided through data collection and upload

CURO Gender Pay Gap technology will provide you with an exportable data template to make data collection easy. A series of validation checks will ensure your data set is complete and correctly formatted. You’ll be invited to upload additional information including employee age, job level and tenure to help enhance your reporting and use the advanced analytics capability within CURO Gender Pay Gap.

Receive actionable insights and analysis

CURO Gender Pay Gap will then calculate your organization’s statutory figures and generate instant analysis and reports. With advanced analytics you have the ability to evaluate the impact of factors such as job seniority, part time working hours, age and tenure to better understand the drivers causing your gender pay gap. In addition you can do comparative reporting over time or against external data.

Export personalized reports and visualizations

CURO Gender Pay Gap will produce a standard narrative based on your data and embed this within an exportable, branded PDF report. The narrative is editable and you can choose from a number of reporting templates. You can repeat reporting and analysis as often as you wish with multiple data sets. Over time, this can help to track the progression of your gender pay gap metrics.

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Feature comparison

Basic Advanced Premium
Number of legal entities 1 Up to 3 Unlimited
Mean and median pay gap
Proportion of men and women by pay quartiles
Mean and median bonus pay gap
Proportion of men and women receiving bonus
Branded reports with signed declaration
Assisted report narrative and suggestions
Analyse data by age, department, job level and tenure
Comparative analysis by legal entity
Recommendations for change
Aggregate multiple entities into one data superset
Comparative analysis for data superset
Option to combine multiple entities into a single report

Curo Gender Pay Gap Pricing

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Consulting and Support

Basic Consulting

Includes a two hour consulting call to help you understand your headline figures; along with a discussion to shape a narrative for your report and a fair pay checklist.

£1,500 + VAT

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Advanced Consulting

Includes a half day workshop to explore figures and analytics, provide recommendations and formulate action plans.

£4,000 + VAT

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Data Management

Additional support to collect and consolidate data required for upload to CURO Gender Pay Gap.

£150 + VAT / HOUR

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As CURO Gender Pay Gap is a self-service solution you can register directly here or existing users login

To find out more read our CURO Gender Pay Gap Frequently Asked Questions. New users can also review our Getting Started Guide. Or if you need help you can register and submit a request to our Gender Pay Gap Customer Support Portal.

You can also keep up to date with the latest in Gender Pay Gap reporting on the Blog.