CURO Pay Equity is a pay equity analysis software built for HR & Reward professionals. Our pay equity software solution provides insight on pay equity trends within your organization, so you can identify key areas of risk. It also helps you understand where pay gaps can be explained by non-monetary factors, and tracks remedial actions and progress towards pay equity.

  • Pay gap analysis
  • Adjusted and unadjusted equal pay analysis
  • Cohort analysis
  • Pay equity tracking at an employee level
  • Pay equity adjustment budget modelling
  • EEO1 Component 2 Reporting (U.S)

Key benefits

Gain actionable insight

Detailed pay equity analytics highlighting areas of risk at a country, business group or job level.

Customize for success

A self-service, fully configurable platform to manage any level of complexity around pay equity analytics.

Ensure fair treatment

Get the analysis needed to think globally while acting locally, ensuring fair treatment of employees.

Take control of your data

Upload and update data as often as you choose to immediately access fresh insights.

Support pay equity audits

Drill down to individual employee data to track the pay equity status, actions or justifications.

Make pay equity adjustments

Calculate and model pay equity adjustments to reduce pay gaps.

Reduce the risk of litigation

Get ahead of or comply with pay equity legislation, and ultimately prevent litigation risks and associated costs.

Protect your brand’s reputation

Demonstrate as an employer that you value a diverse and inclusive workforce, impacting your ability to attract and retain talent.

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Key features

Dynamic analytics

Easily interrogate data to understand pay equity issues at a country, business group or job level on both an unadjusted and adjusted basis.

Pay equity analysis- dashboard

Track employee outcomes

Monitor progress on pay equity status at an employee level to streamline pay equity audits.

Track employee pay equity status

Multivariate regression analysis

Identify the significant factors that drive pay variance and isolate the ‘illegal’ pay gaps.

Pay equity multivariate regression analysis

Cohort analysis

Group employees who perform equal or substantially similar work into pay analysis groups (PAG) or cohorts to review potential pay equity disparities.

Pay equity cohort analysis

Root cause analysis

Understand the underlying reasons for pay inequity to address systemic and structural issues, rather than just the symptoms.

pay equity root cause analysis

Fair pay check

Set the right pay at the time of hire, promotion, or role transfer by generating a custom query to identify the fair pay range for a position.

complete a fair pay check at time of hire

Budget optimization

Understand the cost implications to close pay gaps, and for user-defined budgets, where this spend should be targeted to have maximum impact.

Pay equity budget recommendations

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